In 1964, the West Texas/Northern Mexico border region was a thriving bi-cultural farming and ranching community. Starr Western Wear opened as a small storefront in what is now known as the historic downtown shopping district of El Paso, Texas. Starr's intent was to serve the needs of men in the farming and ranching industries, from the owners to the fieldhands. That meant clothing must be durable yet affordable, and every customer should be treated with the warmth and hospitality this two-nation region is known for.

Today, Starr Western Wear remains true to our roots. We are still the store farmers and ranchers on both sides of the border visit for everything from cowboy hats to western suits. We are now serving our third generation of customers and our selection has grown to include modern western fashions and styles that our younger customers want as well as the classic western wear. So whether you’re riding a horse, a tractor or a desk, Starr has you covered.

We also carry ladies' and kids' western wear, a full selection of outerwear designed for active lifestyles, and the largest selection of western and non-western jeans you've ever seen! If you’re ever in El Paso, Texas, stop by either of our big, friendly stores and enjoy our warm, western shopping experience.